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About Us

Nature’s Miracles
Science, Health, Beauty

About us

Essential by Nature
I.S. Natura was created with a simple ambition – uncover nature’s miracles and champion human wisdom. With our team of brilliant scientists and expert stylists, we uncover and patent nature’s secret ingredients. We promote all Natural and Organic philosophy.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe Cradle-to-cradle.
  • We believe that nature has all the necessary nutrients and herbs.
  • We believe treasures are hidden in the soil.
  • We believe human should never intake chemicals and manmade compounds.
  • We believe a product should keep its promises.
  • We only provide you the best of the best.

…Because health and beauty are priceless…


AVANTARI is a brand that approaches personal health and personal care from a Natural & Organic point of view. AVANTARI products are of USA-Arizona Desert and Mexico origin. We collect all the natural plants and enriched soils to extract the natural, healthy and authentic active substances and ingredients.

By combining research and nature, we use the best that nature has to offer to develop products with healthy and beauty focus. Our Plant Essence Supplements, Skin Care Products, Bath and Body Products, and Hair Beauty Products formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients


AVANTARI’s profound powers of remedy are derived from highly active ingredients like Fulvic Acids and protective antioxidant extracts.

Fulvic Acid is the Key ingredients in all AVANTARI products. Fulvic acid is rapidly being recognized as one of the key elements in many outstanding health and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century.